Confused?? We Are Too…

Raven is Jack.  Jack was Raven.

Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jack Lee Spencer grew up with the name, Lee Spencer Hoover. Back in the image-oriented 80’s, in the days of most public entertainers taking on flashy names as opposed to their real names, Lee took on the stage name, “Raven Storm.”  It was a combination of the nickname he earned from dying his hair black in the late-80’s, taking on a somewhat “goth” look, and Storm, which he settled on after much deliberation and tossing the idea around to friends, endorsers, and other musicians.

However fitting that name may be for a young, gunslinger guitarist in his 20’s and early 30’s, he was growing increasingly uncomfortable with it over the last several years and losing any sense of a connection with it.  He decided that even after years of building that name playing around the world, as well as his trade show reputation, it was time to go back to a name that he felt would be taken more seriously moving forward, instead of relying on past accomplishments to attract attention.

His father’s name was Jack Hoover. So he decided the combination of his father’s name in front of his given first and middle names was the best option, and he wishes he would have done it years ago.

You may still see the name “Raven Storm” floating around for a while considering how many websites and social networks he has been on, but that name will begin disappearing very soon.  As for the music, there are many new ideas, and lot’s of ideas for the older stuff too.  He’s not changing his style… love it or hate it… he’s still going to keep tearing the fretboard off his guitar every chance he gets… he’ll just be doing it better and with renewed fire.

Additional plans, appearances, performances, and final decisions on the album and project names are forthcoming.  Check the calendar page and subscribe to the blog to keep up on the changes as they happen.

As of the beginning of 2011, Raven Storm is Jack Lee Spencer.  The official day of change is March 16, the 18th anniversary of his father’s death.

Nice to meet you…. again…


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