The Influence of the YouTube era…

The Influence of the YouTube era….


2 thoughts on “The Influence of the YouTube era…

  1. Hey Lee, it’s Riccie Price!!!! I saw the article say Dojo and well you know I had to look! My good friend Grand Master Ralf Anderson died from a freak accident. Some how his gun went off and killed him it was a very tragic thing that has my heart very heavy.But enough of the downer stuff the martial arts and the style and discipline and overall love of the arts is a beautiful thing. dont walk into thefuture backwards or let your future be blinded by your past ! Always remember to take the time to think !! Because to act before thinking is to be a fool but to think before acting is to be wise that is an old Confucious saying, but used today it has the same long range effect ! helping one stay on the right path in life which ever that may be for the indivdual in Question. the problem alot of folks have is not with drugs or your significant other no the problem is between them and God!!! get a good book and read it and get right with your self and with your God who ever that is in someones life. Sifu Riccie Price

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