Raven’s personal and professional musical experience.

Raven Storm

Raven (Lee) has professional experience in performing and recording Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop/R&B, Blues, Classical/Flamenco, and Country.

Primary influences:

  • Michael Schenker
  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Gary Moore
  • Randy Rhoads
  • Steve Vai
  • Jimmy Page

Comfortable with improvisation as well as note for note accuracy.

Accurate soloing ability in many styles, from classic rock and blues (Page, Vaughan), to hard rock and metal, (Rhoads, Schenker, Vai).

Free for extensive traveling and touring, and has considerable international travel experience.



  • Dean Michael Schenker Flames V
  • Dean Retro Flying V
  • Two Warmoth Custom Stratocasters
  • Two Heavily Modified “Frankensquiers”
  • Epiphone Flying V
  • Takamine Dragon Acoustic
  • B.C. Rich Mockingbird
  • Washburn Mercury Series

Primary Stage Rig:

  • Marshall DSL 40 Combo/Head
  • Two Marshall 4×12 Cabinets
  • BOSS ME-70
  • Morley Bad Horsie Wah
  • Line 6 G30 Wireless
  • Moreley ABC Selector
  • Snark Tuners
  • Custom-built Sectional Pedalboard


  • Guitarist of The Sound of Purple (2015 – Present)
    Deep Purple tribute band

  • Guitarist, Writer, Producer for The Storm Project (1993 – On Going)
    Personal, original recording project started with the help of Dio and Black Sabbath engineer, Angelo Arcuri, which led to the recruitment of legendary Sabbath and Dio drummer, Vinny AppiceMost tracks outside of Appice’s drums were recorded in Sweden with bassist Olof Sanner and keyboardist Monica Hermanson.  Some tracks recorded at Hoxton Studios in London with former Led Zeppelin engineer, Benji Lefevre.  Album released in 2001 with vocalist Reggie Richards, and published by SPM Music AB, Stockholm.  This on-going project is now called The Storm Project, and features Lee Edwards on vocals.

  • Guitarist for Godmother of Soul (2012 – 2013)
    Powerhouse rock and soul band fronted by Tomi Rae Brown and featuring Quiet Riot bassist, Kelly Garni.
  • Guitarist for Fallen Grace(2009 – 2012)
    Las Vegas-based original hard rock band fronted by Tarah Grace.
  • Guitarist for The Stinson Brothers (2003 – 2011)
    Las Vegas-based duo performing a wide variety of music including Country and Classic Rock, as well as tribute performances to Brooks & Dunn, Elvis, Jimmy Buffett, The Doors, and Stray Cats.  Also recorded tracks on some of their original songs.
  • Guitarist for Unauthorized Ozzy (2006)
    Ozzy Osbourne tribute band fronted by former Apocropha vocalist, Pete Marino.  Performances were based primarily on the Ozzy/Randy Rhoads “Tribute” album, with additional material including early Black Sabbath and later Ozzy Osbourne recordings.
  • Guest performer for Guitar Center’s “Guitarmageddon” Contests  (2001 – 2003)
    Went to regional finals of the competition in 2000, and performed as a guest for several following competitions at Las Vegas Guitar Center store.
  • Demonstrator/Performer for Seymour Duncan Pickups (1992 – 1997)
    Featured performer at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Conventions as an endorsing artist for Seymour Duncan.
  • Demonstrator/Performer for Carvin Guitars (1991 – 1998)
    Featured performer at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Conventions as an endorsing artist for Carvin Guitars.  Shared the bill with Allan Holdsworth, Craig Chaquico, Steve Vai, Angelo Jannotti, Joey Tafolla, Bunny Brunel, Phillip Bynoe, Chris Squire, and Tony MacAlpine.
  • Recording Guitarist for Sonic Dream (1996)
    Performed for Swedish pop group, Sonic Dream, on their “Dustproof” album while in Sweden recording tracks for The Storm Project. 
  • Guitarist for Crystal Tears (1994 – 1996)
    Founded original progressive metal band with noted Las Vegas-based drummer, Kevin Tutaj.
  • Guitarist for University of Nevada Las Vegas (1988 – 1990)
    Received national attention performing with the UNLV band at all home basketball games, as well as several road games and the PCAA (now Big West) tournament during the “Championship” era, with all games being sold out and nationally televised.


  • Height:  5’10” (178 cm)
  • Chest:  47″ (120 cm)
  • Waist:  34″  (85 cm)
  • No Major Health Concerns


<strong>Primary influences:</strong>
<li> Gary Moore</li>
<li> Randy Rhoads</li>
<li> Steve Vai</li>
<li> Jimmy Page</li>
<li> Ritchie Blackmore</li>
<li> Michael Schenker</li>