Raven Storm at NAMM for Carvin Guitars | John Kaye: photo

Raven performing at the NAMM Show for Carvin, January 1996 Photo: John Kaye

Angelo Arcuri
 Engineer and producer for Dio, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Dokken
 “Watch out, Satriani and Vai… there’s a Storm coming!”

Mike Culotta
Long time Las Vegas radio personality
 “Some of the best guitar work I’ve ever seen in this town…” after a Fallen Grace performance.

Peter Guschelbauer
Label manager, Sound Design (Austria)
 “Incredible guitarist… I loved the CD! We hope to
have him play in Vienna soon!”

Craig Chaquico
Jefferson Starship Guitarist
 “Inspirational!” on a Raven Storm NAMM performance.

Victor Johnson
Sammy Hagar Guitarist
 “He’s a bad motherf*****ker!”

Dave Flores
Former Artist Relations Manager, Carvin Guitars
 “A world-class talent… We are proud to
endorse Raven Storm.”

Alfie Falkenbach
Label manager, Mausoleum Records, Belgium
 “The best and most exciting guitarist
I’ve heard in quite a while!”

Anders Wagberg
Producer for Swedish group, Sonic Dream
 “Guitar genius!”

Neil Taylor
Sales Manager, Carvin Guitars
 “Amazing technique!”

Writer, UNLV Newspaper
 “Curiously, Raven lacks the one ingredient most
common among guitarists of his caliber:  ego.”

Jonathan Weber
Freelance writer
 “A whirlwind of blazing leads….
diverse, and extremely melodic.”

Vinny Appice
 Black Sabbath, Dio drummer
 “Great guitarist…”

Bob Stinson
One half of The Stinson Brothers
 “We’ve worked with a lot of great guitar players, but none like Raven Storm.” …a frequent on-stage introduction.

Scott Dickensheets
Managing Editor, Las Vegas Weekly
(excerpt from his 2003 article)
 “…and this is where I step out from behind the cover of journalistic third-person and admit that I’m utterly caught up here. I was one of those boys jamming on his tennis racket, and I mostly listened to Neil Diamond—that’s how primal this dream is. Right now, Raven is acting out for me. Those are my fingers on the fretwork, my face scrunched in concentration. Like Raven’s, mine wasn’t primarily a dream about impressing people. It was really about virtuosity. A fantasy about being in the hot vortex of a moment when you’re bringing everything you’ve got—.. and your skills are up to the task, and you are, simply, great.”