Credits and Thanks


Credit and Thanks to Those Involved with Raven Personally and The Storm Project…

Internet Marketing, Website Design,
and Maintenance:

  • Voracious Media
  • Yvette Russie

Management (Europe):

Photography and Video:

  • Stefan Jansen
  • Jason Schwartz
  • Rob Whited Photography
  • Cheryl Spelts Photography
  • Kelly Garni
  • Leah Burlington
  • Kevin Lastovica
  • Las Vegas Weekly

Other Media Credits:

The people below have provided various photos and video for this website, Storm Project promotional materials and marketing. Credits are tagged to media where possible. Authors of some media are unknown.

Special Thanks:

Those I know or those I’ve come across who have helped immeasurably in my travels and musical adventures.


  • Brett Hansen (Audio Arts Studios)
  • Bud Mickle
  • Davyo Thompson
  • Stefan Janson
  • Sylvie Quennville
  • Cheryl Spelts
  • John Kaye
  • Craig Allen
  • Uriah Gibson
  • Jason Schwartz
  • Leah Burlington
  • Kevin Lastovica
  • Las Vegas Weekly
  • Scott Dickensheets
  • Rob Whited
  • Kelly Garni
  • Olof Sanner
  • Monica Hermanson
  • Anders Wågberg (Remixed, Uppsala)
  • Angelo Arcuri
  • Cam Ringel
  • Marylin, Fred, and Alice Raia
  • Big Derrick Walker
  • Rolf at I.G.A., London
  • Annabee Hood
  • Brett Hansen (Audio Arts Studios, Las Vegas)
  • Suzanne Eriksson
  • Reggie Richards
  • Lee Edwards
  • Randy Williams
  • Aryan Blakston
  • Tord Määttä (Musicalen, Uppsala)
  • Micael Eriksson
  • Stefan Jansen
  • Royne Henriksson
  • David Nesci