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11 thoughts on “Guestbook

    • Oops… I’m back in Vegas with no internet for a little while, so I’ll have to make that up to her… Thanks!

  1. Niiice!… Tumb up! Hoppas nu att du får gensvar och lycka till. Ska hålla tummarna för dig! Kram…

  2. Hey! Love your new site, great job. Best of luck in the furture. Hope to hear some of your new material soon. One thing you can never change is that you are “that damn good”, you just keep getting better.

  3. Sweet site Raven. I really appreciated you opening up your life to us and sharing through this website. It helps me to know you better. Keep up the jammin and kick sum @$$!!

  4. Things are looking up for you! I have known you for a very long time and I couldn’t be more proud of you, you’re are a true friend and I mean a true friend. I find it amazing with all your travels and accomplishments you are still a down to earth guy who stays loyal to his friends and people he loves, your dedication and passion for music is amazing. I hope all your dreams come true from the bottom of my heart because you have paid your dues and you deserve it! Best of luck.

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